WIPocalypse 2018

Question of the month: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

 My fourth year doing the WIPocalypse! :DD It's so nice to see so many new people, Flosstubers among them, join us this year! For those who visit my blog for the first time, my name is Maria, and I'm getting closer and closer to my 20-year-stitching anniversary! :D For this year I have two goals: one that was moved over from last year, to finish the Arrow poster. At the moment I hope I can finish it by the end of April. Once it's finished I'll return to my rotation, may even start a couple of new things, but my main goal then will be to finally finish my Montecristo! :DD

So my starting point for Arrow:

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  1. You accomplished a lot with Arrow last year. I'm sure it will be done quickly this year!